IronTEK provides a wide range of cloud computing services that help organizations transform their IT assets and services seamlessly into the cloud.  We are recognized for helping customers to fully realize the benefits of this new technology paradigm. Our cloud enablement practice brings together industry-recognized resources and best-of-breed partnerships to provide our clients with cloud-based or hybrid solutions that can help them reduce costs, respond more quickly to business needs, and take on the challenges of big data and mobility while ensuring data safety and security. We can provide pure cloud solutions or bring together on-premises solutions with a cloud platform to create a hybrid environment that is secure, scalable, flexible, and cost-effective. The cloud services we provide cover the following areas:cloud_computing-1024x678

Assessment and Planning: IronTEK Cloud Computing Planning services go beyond strategic planning. Our experts support clients with prioritizing enterprise-wide IT services for deployment in a cloud-based environment and defining architectural specifications for a solution in alignment with stakeholder business needs.

Cloud Migration: IronTEK Cloud Migration services will allow customers to select the right vendor and service mix to support business needs in addition to creating a smooth migration process for infrastructure, platforms, and application. Also we will support your organization in rolling out the initial proof of concept to increase buy-in and mitigate risks in addition to planning and automating the deployment process. Our cloud architects and engineers will assist in developing operational, management, and security procedures for cloud operations.

Cloud Security: IronTEK provides its customer with cloud computing security services to assist in the assessment of the security model/architecture of cloud providers and determine the efficiency of their security controls implementation. Also we support our clients in developing service-level agreements and assisting with contractual security language to cover items, such as liability, exit strategies, and data recovery. In addition we help the customer in assessing vendor security packages to ensure compliance with the latest cloud security requirements along with performing continuous monitoring of vendor’s security posture/controls.