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IronTEK understands the challenges that many organizations face to staff and retain resources for programs. We provide our customers with extremely well qualified and dedicated professionals to complement their workforce and answer strategic needs. Our services minimize cost redundancies and duplication of task efforts by staffing highly qualified personnel with existing technical knowledge and experience. We tailor our approach to meet specific customer needs and work in partnership with our customers to ensure the best talent is sourced. We review program goals, objectives, and requirements to determine the ideal candidate(s) from our pool of personnel resources. If in-house resources or candidates do not meet qualifications, IronTEK will reach-back to our dedicated staff of planners and recruiters to identify and retain the appropriately qualified workforce. We ensure quality through an extensive interview process that is periodically revisited and evaluated for effectiveness. Through our extensive workforce and requirements analysis and assessment, IronTEK is able to successfully match the right individuals with your most challenging project requirements.