Enterprise Architecture engagements have gained a bad reputation over the years as being expensive, heavy-handed, lengthy, and yielding little ROI. However, nowadays the need for effective EA guidance is felt with all organizations as they moventerprise-architecturee towards massive undertakings such as portfolio rationalization, consolidation, and enterprise modernization. At IronTEK, we utilize our extensive experience with the Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) and Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) along with other related models to help customers build upon these frameworks to address their own unique requirements.  We have developed an approach to delivering EA services that prizes velocity and a quickly realizable ROI. We accomplish that by leveraging our team’s extensive experience, creative engagement models, in-house developed templates frameworks, and collaborative tooling, and the focus on delivering EA products and guidance that provides road-maps with a clear line of sight from Vision to actual implementation and the underlying governance.